HGH supplements – main tips

HGH can be obtained in two different forms some people get it from doctors who prescribe it for use off-label in an injectable form. Other people purchase HGH in the form of pills and sprays that are meant to help increase the body’s natural production of HGH. You might be asking yourself which is right for you.

Injectable forms are available through physicians, anti-aging clinics, Internet pharmacies, and through websites. It might be noted that health care agencies that provide HGH in an injectable form are doing so for what is called off-label purposes. This is not necessarily dangerous, but it means that a drug that has passed safety protocols for a different condition is being prescribed for another purpose. It means that the FDA has not officially approved HGH to be adequate for the purposes it is being prescribed for, but it is not unsafe to use it in this way.

When injected, human growth hormone remains active in the bloodstream for only a few minutes, but it is what it does in those few minutes that is most important. When HGH enters the bloodstream, it works with the liver to convert it into growth factors such as insulin -like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Levels of HGH will peak within a few minutes and then fall sharply as the liver converts it to the end products. It is these end products that are most important. HGH only acts as a catalyst. Injected forms work fast to give the body a boost of important anabolic hormones.


When injected, HGH goes directly into the bloodstream where it can be transported to the liver where it can do its work. However, some people have reported headaches when taking injected forms due to the rapid spike in hormone levels and blood sugar. For people who develop these symptoms, pills and sprays may be the recommended form.

Taking pills or sprays orally means that the body first must digest and absorb the HGH before it can be used by the body. Taking pills and sprays may not give the same immediate effects as an injection. Pills and sprays are suggested for someone who wants to see the effects of HGH over the long-term, rather than to enhance performance for a short time. Pills and sprays are more readily available and cheaper than injections, particularly when the injections are obtained from the physician. When an injection must be obtained from a physician, the expense of the HGH must be considered as a part of the costs involved in visiting a doctor.


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